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The Story

The Story Behind Lola

  “We’re all in this together”

“Lola, the Roving Reporter” tells the ‘tail’ of the adventures of canine confidente and best buddy, Lola Laflamme. Lola came into my life as a puppy and attended almost every training class within a 100 mile radius of our home. … She ‘graduated’ from all of them – and led me to believe she never learned a thing! Every trainer would say the same, … “She’s so smart, she knows what to do, she just chooses not to do it!” Lola was a wanderer and the first bohemian dog I’d ever known. She had a mad love affair with squirrels. She was curious, mischievous and noticeably drawn to every child she met. And they in turn, were immediately drawn to her.

I fondly recall gathering up which puppets would join me on my visits to several children’s organizations. Most of the time as I reached for my basket of puppets, Lola would be sitting very still and squeezed into the middle of the basket. She was ten times the size of my hand puppets and I believe she thought I’d never notice this outstanding difference. And I pretended not to. As a result, Lola became both my assistant and helper. Hearing the laughter and seeing the joy on the faces of children was all my furry friend needed. During this time I began journaling our adventures together, never imagining that years later these endearing moments in time would be published.

The first in this series, “Lola, the Roving Reporter,” centers on furry friend Lola and her pals in the happy town of Peaceville. These ‘tails of love’ are filled with humor and lightly dusted with compassion, community, respect and taking good care of one other.

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The Sweet Echo Stories are a legacy to Lola. I think most of us who have had the privilege of having a dog – or any animal ‘adopt’ us, truly believe our pets can talk. I sure did! And her sweet, subtle and simple messages of treating everyone we meet the same way we wish to be treated are words to live by. Lola ‘spoke’ loud and clear. … without ever having to say a word.