“We’re all in this together”

Essie Laflamme

“Use your voice for kindness, your ears for compassion,
your hands for charity, your minds for truth, and your hearts for love.”

When I was little putting thoughts onto paper is where dreams could come true. Pencils were mystical wands that unlocked my imagination. … and I held the magic key. I wrote to family, neighbors and myself. I ‘interviewed’ people I knew – and pretend characters I would never meet. My parents expressed concern as my days were happily spent carrying on conversations with imaginary friends. My mom and dad often whispered to each other, “Es hears the grass grow” … They were right. Grass, rocks, my big toe! They all spoke. I listened. I answered. Afterword I would write down my conversations. Looking back, the wonder of seeing words come to life was pure joy. Today, it still is. I think my secret dream was that one day I would grow up to be a writer with a purpose, … and that purpose would be for the love of children. I am humbled that my dream is no longer my secret.

I believe writing and giving voice to others throughout my childhood set the stage for my blessed life of caring for children –  and to my becoming a puppeteer. I am, “Essie, the Puppet Lady.” To be handed a fuzzy bear, a shy turtle, or a courageous pup, when a child gives the puppet a voice they can hear their own voice echo back. In those moments, whether solving a problem or sharing a burden, I understood that little girl who had a need to talk to – and listen to everything. And I learned an important lesson. … Young or old, we blossom and we grow when we are heard. When we are listened to with an open heart we open doors to where love lives and anything is possible.

Writing is a portal to the strong vision I have to continue to reach children near and far in the hopes that through reading, – and being read to, they may recognize the divine goodness, compassion, love and potential that is in innately in each of them. … and that they hold the magic key. My passion is to continue to write mindful stories and do good works that honor and are worthy of the respect of children everywhere.


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