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Welcome to Sweet Echo ~

Stories told and books gently written in the language of love.

“We're all in this together”

Essie Laflamme

Essie Laflamme has a compelling personal story to share. She is an experienced preschool teacher and renowned palliative care and Hospice volunteer who masterfully weaves storytelling and the charm of puppetry into her heart’s mission of being in service to children.

Caring For Series

Essie’s “Caring For Series” includes sentient characters such as: Pa, Gramma Dove and Mama Bear. Each book has been created to softly open dialogue about one the most difficult of subject matters, the loss of a loved one.

Heartfelt bereavement support for families and caregivers navigating the extraordinary journey of life and loss.

A Sweet Echo Story

The first in the Sweet Echo Series, “Lola, the Roving Reporter,” centers on the adventures of Lola and her pals in the happy town of Peaceville. These light hearted, whimsical stories are sprinkled with humor and shine a light on compassion, community, respect for each other and this magical world we live in. “We’re all in this together.” Woof!