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Lola the Roving Reporter

Lola, The Roving Reporter

A Sweet Echo Story

This light-hearted “tail” takes Lola and her friends through their daily routine in the blissful town of Peaceville where everyone works, plays and helps each other. Everyone in this busy town has a purpose and Lola is their “Roving Reporter!” She sniffs out the good news of the day and reports every evening from her cozy doghouse. Lola’s happy Nose Reports continue for a very long time but gradually, with her keen gift of sniff, she starts picking up different smells – and they aren’t good! Will Lola’s pals come together and find a way to bring the peace back to Peaceville? Tune in to find out!

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The Sweet Echo Stories are a legacy to Lola. I think most of us who have had the privilege of having a dog – or any animal ‘adopt’ us, truly believe our pets can talk. I sure did! And her sweet, subtle and simple messages of treating everyone we meet the same way we wish to be treated are words to live by. Lola ‘spoke’ loud and clear. … without ever having to say a word.